Indian Actresses’ Quotes

Indian Actresses’ Quotes


“Quotes of Indian Actresses” The name itself explains the idea of this article. But wait! What kind of Quotes? A Question that must be arising in your mind. So without wasting anymore time let’s move to the points that will covered for your information.

  • Quotes about Fight against Depression
  • Quotes about Fight against Patriarchy


Yes, these are the two dimensions we are going to elaborate in the light of Indian Actresses’ life.

We think and consider Bollywood as a dream world. Where everything is PERFECT!

Unfortunately that’s not the case.

Bollywood Actors especially Actresses face all kind of problems that a common girl do. But in there limelight and glamorous glossy world’ those problems gets hidden away. But not every actress is that shy or introvert to share her problems out loud.

Yes! There are some actresses who are open about everything when it comes to discrimination, illness or suffering, body shaming and labeling.

Let’s explore what these Divas’ have to say.

Quotes about fight against Depression:

Depression” the term sometimes taken so granted that every other person feels that he/she is suffering from it. But there are very few who actually take it seriously and consider it as a real illness.

Are you mentally ill? Are you saying that you need a psychiatrist? Have you gone psycho? The common reactions of parents, friends or siblings’ when you tell them about your problem. Which unfortunately takes that person to another level of loneliness, which sometimes leads to SUICIDE!!!

When Famous people like actor, actresses open up about such problems, illnesses, trauma’s then common people starts understanding the concept more clearly and keenly and eventually it helps them to understand what their child, friend or a sibling is feeling like.

Let’s see what the following actresses have to say about suffering depression.

Indian Actresses Quote on depression


Indian Actresses Quote on being depressed

Indian Actresses Quote on depressed person


They fought it and fought it like a worrier. So can YOU! Just remember “YOU ARE WORTH LIVING”!!! Go fight whatever is stopping you and keep rocking n rolling.

Quotes about Fight against Patriarchy

In Asian Societies patriarchy is so common that it is enrooted in our stems so deep down. BUT now the movements like Feminism, ME TOO have changed the side of the coin.

Patriarchy in Bollywood? Seriously?

Yes Seriously! Apparently it seems the perfect world where there is a hero who is so much in love with the heroin, for whom he is ready to sacrifice everythinggg. Well that’s not what happens in real life!

Heros’ are paid way more than heroins’ no matter how tough is actress’s role is. He is being paid more because he is HE!

But again women out there are vocal about such and many other issues they face because of being the part of patriarchal society

Quote by indian Actress on equality

quote by indian actress on gender

quote by indian actress kangana Ranaut


You go Girls. To talk about Patriarchy is not that easy especially when you are the part of it. Actresses inspire and motivate us by their words and actions that everything is possible unless YOU TAKE A STEP!


These quotes shows us that no matter where you are, in what field you are, be vocal, be confident and inspire other women by sharing your story, your sufferings and your victories to everyone out there, Because EVERY STORY IS WORTH LISTENING.

If these women who can fight and at the same time can be vocal despite being the target of audience all the time, then why YOU cannot be?

Uplifting Quotes for Women

a girl with a flower in hand

Uplifting Quotes for Women

You are so beautiful.

Yes YOU, The one reading this.

When was the last time YOU told yourself that “Hey, do you know you are amazing, You are Beautiful. YOU are my biggest Strength!”

…Uplifting Quotes for Women…


Some quotes are narrated below for Women to feel ALIVE

Love Yourself: Love yourself. What does that mean? Does it means that should marry yourself??

NO! It means:

  1. When you wake up in the morning you ask yourself:  How are you?
  2. When you make breakfast for everyone you ask yourself: What would you like to eat today?
  3. When someone shout or scold or scream at you, you tell yourself: Calm down and Fight for Yourself
  4. When someone breaks you down emotionally, you tell yourself: Be Strong I’m here with you.
  5. When you feel left alone you can say to yourself: Hey there Its me, wanna spent some time with me? 🙂

This is what it means to LOVE YOURSELF ♥

Let’s See Some Quotes that are going to uplift your Motivation for you being a woman.

Uplifting quote for women about time

How powerful the above quote is; Don’t waste your life living like someone else.

But Wait, This is exactly what we do all our lives, Don’t We??

We are continuously living someone else’s life or THE LIFE OTHERS WANTS FOR US TO LIVE!!!!

Where is our choice? Who asked for your opinion? Who asked you what do you want to do with your life?

More then half of our lives we spent living like someone else or by living life dictated by someone else or etc etc etc.

But hey when are we gonna live life where WE will be OUR OWN someone else… 😉

Don’t hesitate THIS IS POSSIBLE!!

Next Quotes will show you how!

Uplifting quote for women on power


Uplifting quote for women

Uplifting quote by Henry ford


How Beautiful these Quotes are and it Surely uplift our morale as a Woman.

So Yes, we were discussing about becoming our own kind of Guide for how to spend life.

As the quote says past cannot be changed, So you have to focus on the future to make the changes. If we are always going to hold on to our past, we are never going to succeed in what we want different from life.

Second Quote in this series says tells the actual truth, Right?

“Sometimes your heart needs more time in accepting what your mind already knows!”

Its never easy to think and just randomly take a step against all odds. A person always fears. A person is always scared to take a new road. But altogether you get to experience a whole new kind of adventure.

I believe life is an adventure and you are going to get life only ONCE. Right or not???

So why not just do something what others CAN’T EVEN THINK of doing… 😉

And last but not the least step, As Henry Ford says “when everything seems to be going against you remember that the airplane takes on against the wind, not with it”! 😉


This article “ Uplifting Quotes for Women” have firmly focused on Uplifting the morale of women for living the life they want to live knowing that THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL,by LOVING THEMSELVES FIRST, and by knowing THEY ARE NO LESS THEN OTHERS!